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#CTTalks 1: General Conference Culture


The Connectional Table will be hosting a series of weekly videos on a specific topic each month to help inform United Methodist church leaders and General Conference delegates leading up to the 2016 General Conference next May.

The theme for October is General Conference Culture, and the first video will be posted on Monday, October 5, 2015. A new video on this theme will be posted each Monday in the month.

Amy Valdez-Barker presents a segment of the #CT Talks series. Video image courtesy of  the Connectional Table.

#CTTalks Introduction: What are CTTalks?

The Rev. Dr. Amy Valdez Barker, the Rev. Dr. Amy Valdez Barker, Executive Secretary of the Connectional Table, explains the function and format of #CTTalks. View

#CTTalks 1, Week 1: Vision for General Conference

The Rev. Gere Reist, Secretary of General Conference, and Judi Kenaston, Chair of the Commission on General Conference, discuss the Commission's vision for General Conference. View

#CTTalks 1, Week 2: General Conference Commission Members

Who are the members of the General Conference Commission? Learn about the diversity of the members and how they are selected. View

#CTTalks 1, Week 3: The Importance of Communication

What do first-time delegates to General Conference need to know? Learn how General Conference 2016 hopes to facilitate communication and increase effectiveness in our work together. View

#CTTalks 1, Week 4: Frequently Asked Questions about General Conference 2016

What are some of the questions being asked regarding General Conference 2016? Learn about proposed changes to the way General Conference works. View

#CTTalks 1, Ending: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Join us in the Wesley Covenant Prayer as we center ourselves for our work together at General Conference 2016 and learn about November's focus on Christian conferencing. View