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Connectional Table: Continuing Conversation


As part of its work to discern and articulate the vision of the church, the Connectional Table actively seeks opportunities to listen and engage in dialogue about the needs of the worldwide church.

Bishop John Hopkins, former chair, emphasizes that the body is a “table, not an agency” that gathers “the right groups at the right time around the right issues for conversation and momentum,” bringing such discussions from “parking lots and hallways into the living room of the church.”

In 2014 and 2015, the Connectional Table hosted a series of online discussions around the topics of human sexuality and church law and the challenges of doing effective ministry in differing geographical and cultural contexts (often referred to as “the worldwide nature of the church”).

Below you will find archives of these conversations along with accompanying resources around these important issues.

Meeting of the Connectional Table in Chicago, Illinois. Bishop Daniel Arichea, Jr. speaks as a panelist for Christian Conferencing on Human Sexuality. To his right is Bishop Hope Morgan Ward. Photo by Diane Degnan.

Christian Conferencing on Human Sexuality

The Connectional Table hosted a series of three online conversations on human sexuality, our mission and United Methodist church law. View

World map on parchment. Illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Conversation: Worldwide Nature of the Church

The Connectional Table and the General Conference Commission hosted a conversation about the theology of a global church that seeks to do mission in the different locations. Read More