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Connectional Table: Online Christian Conferencing on Human Sexuality

The next conversation in the series will be available at in mid-February.

The Connectional Table hosted an online conversation on human sexuality, our mission and United Methodist church law, on Tuesday, April 29th from 9:00 – 11:15 am CDT. The event began with Bible study led by Bishop James Dorff, followed by a panel of United Methodist leaders and theologians who discussed how we witness Christ’s love to the world in relationship to our doctrine.

The event was the first in a series of three the Connectional Table will host to foster ongoing dialogue – both to provide an opportunity for Connectional Table members to listen and consider varying theological perspectives, as well as to create an ongoing conversation in the wider church. Webcasts will be archived for future viewing.

The Connectional Table invites anyone who is interested in the topic to participate via Twitter by using the hashtag #CTtalks

Bible Study Leader

Bishop Dorff
Bishop James Dorff

Scripture Lesson: John 17

Panelists for Christian Conferencing on Human Sexuality

Bishop Arichea
Bishop Daniel Arichea, Jr.
Pamela Lightsey
Pamela Lightsey
Mark Teasdale
Mark Teasdale

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