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The members of the Committee on Faith and Order

Courtesy of the Committee on Faith and Order

The members of the Committee on Faith and Order (left to right): (Back row) Rev. Dr. Michael Nausner, Bishop Michael Watson (Ecumenical Officer), Bishop David Yemba, Bishop Scott Jones (chair), Dr. Hendrik Pieterse, Rev. Matthew Lafferty, Rev. Dr. F. Douglas Powe; (Front row) Rev. Dr. Rena Yocom (secretary), Rev. Dr. Samuel Royappa, Dr. Kyle R. Tau (staff), Bishop Rosemarie Wenner (vice-chair), Dr. Edgardo Colon-Emeric, Dr. Sondra Wheeler (executive committee at-large member), Rev. Dr. Russell Richey, Dr. Gladys Mangiduyos

Committee on Faith and Order organizes for new quadrennium


United Methodist Communications

November 9, 2016

Atlanta, Ga.: The United Methodist Committee on Faith and Order (CFO) met October 26-28 in Atlanta, Georgia, to welcome its new members, elect officers and plan its work for the upcoming quadrennium. This work will include engaging the church in a study of its ecclesiology, or understanding of the church itself, with the goal of producing an official document to parallel similar statements on baptism and Eucharist.

The study is based upon the draft document entitled "Wonder, Love and Praise," which was approved by the 2016 General Conference as a statement articulating and clarifying the identity of The United Methodist Church. United Methodists from all over the world will be invited to review the document and provide feedback to inform the work of the CFO as it drafts a final version that will be presented to the 2020 General Conference for approval.

Texas Annual Conference Bishop Scott Jones, CFO chair, states, “In a time of denominational turmoil, General Conference has mandated a conversation about what it means to be the church of Jesus Christ as United Methodists. I am grateful to the previous commission members for their excellent work and I look forward to the conversation about ‘Wonder, Love and Praise.’”

In addition to this work, the committee is:

  • Preparing a teaching resource on the basics of United Methodist identity, belief and practice which will be published by the Council of Bishops upon completion
  • Providing Christian Conferencing resources to appropriate bodies as requested, as the process was the focus of a CFO report at the 2016 General Conference
  • Working closely with the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters as it continues its work on a General Book of Discipline

The CFO recognizes that its work, particularly on ecclesiology, may have implications for the Commission on a Way Forward. Bishop Jones will be in contact with the commission moderators to discern how the committee may best assist its work; additionally, committee vice-chair Bishop Rosemarie Wenner is a member of the commission, and committee member Bishop David Yemba is a moderator.

The CFO was created by the action of General Conference in 2008 in order to engage in ongoing and intentional theological reflection on behalf of the church. It's principle tasks include resourcing the Council of Bishops as it carries out its teaching responsibilities; leading and coordinating studies commissioned by the General Conference in matters related to faith, doctrine, order and discipline of the church; and preparing and providing resources and study materials to The United Methodist Church as deemed appropriate (2016 BOD, pa. 444). Eight of the sixteen members of the committee are replaced by new members every quadrennium.

The CFO will meet in February of 2017 with the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters and will have their next work meeting in August of 2017.


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