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Bishop Moore-Koikoi: Building bridges, leading the church


As Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi embraces her assignment to lead United Methodists in Western Pennsylvania she knows, "God has got this." Moore-Koikoi's vision is of a diverse church that embraces justice and the life-saving love of Christ. In 2015, as superintendent of the Baltimore Metropolitan District, this life-long United Methodist was a bridge builder and peacemaker in the wake of voilence following the death of Freddie Gray.

Bishop Moore-Koikoi says she sees the work of bishops as “overseeing the work of the church, working prophetically, evangelically and apostolically with all as they cooperate with the Grace of God.” A key component of that, she believes, is leaving space for the transforming movement of the Holy Spirit, especially at times when the denomination is divided and many people wonder what the future holds. “That’s spiritual work -- remembering who God is and who God has called us to be,” she said. “We got God, so we got this.”

This video was produced for the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church by Kisker Productions.