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About the Council of Bishops

United Methodist bishops in Africa
United Methodist bishops in Africa, joined here by Bishop Felton May (far right) representing the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, have issued a
Sept. 11, 2008,letter outlining new actions to combat poverty
on the continent. A UMNS photo by Andra Stevens.

Introduction to the Council of Bishops

In The United Methodist Church, a bishop serves as a general superintendent of the entire church. In the United Methodist tradition, bishops are not "ordained" as bishops, but are clergy elected and consecrated to the office of bishop. Bishops give general oversight to the worldly and spiritual interests of the Church.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are a bishop's responsibilities? Are there women bishops in The United Methodist Church? Who was the first bishop in the Methodist Church?

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"Firsts" of the Council

Learn about the historical "firsts" of the Council of Bishops

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