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2016 Yellowstone Annual Conference


The Yellowstone Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church met June 16-18 at

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Helena, Montana.

Officiating bishop: Bishop Elaine J. W. Stanovsky

Guest speakers: 
Missional Engagement speakers: Judee Anderson, Eloise Saltzgaver, Joan Higgins-Smith, Ann Waickman, the Rev. Dawn Maurer Skerritt, the Rev. Wendy Ochs

Spotlight Presenters: The Rev. John Daniels, the Rev. Wendy Ochs, the Rev. Melanie Martin-Dent and the Rev. Doug Walker (GBCS); Glen Woodsen; DeeDee Raines, Linda Fritz, Betty Schlepp, Dan Mehrens-Wallace

Sand Creek Massacre Descendant: Alec Sandcrane (joined by his wife, Cassandra Sandcrane)

Memorable points or quotes by speakers:
“I can’t Google under pressure!” – Bishop Elaine Stanovsky during legislative session

At Annual Conference, Yellowstone Conference Missions sponsors a Tug-o-Love to raise funds for various conference mission projects. This year, the grand total netted was $4,447.94. This money will go to East Angola Pastor Support and Blackfeet United Methodist Parish.

Main actions enacted by the conference: Approved petition on Mission Shaped Future to realign conference boundaries (sent to Western Jurisdictional Conference); adopted petition to Establish Disability Awareness Sunday as a special Sunday in the Yellowstone Conference; adopted 2017 Yellowstone Conference budget; approved petition to discontinue Lemhi United Methodist Church

Resolutions adopted by the conference: A Resolution to Support the Council of Bishops’ Proposal A Way Forward; Resolution for Non-Discrimination in Episcopal Election; Resolution to Support Planned Parenthood of Montana and Planned Parenthood of Wyoming.

Conference support for the Four Areas of Focus and commitments for the coming year: The quadrennial theme “Cultivating the Tree of Life” as focused on Imagine No Malaria (health), Healing Relationships, Renewal of Creation and this year on Ministry on the Margins.

Number of people ordained, commissioned or received into associate membership, and average age: 0

Number of people retired: 3

Charmaine Robledo, director of Communications, Mountain Sky Area