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2016 Northwest Texas Conference


The Northwest Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church met June 9-11 in Lubbock, Texas.

Officiating Bishop: Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe

Guest Speakers:  Rev. Olu Brown

Memorable Quotes: “Perhaps Jesus is saying you are distracted by many things, come and sit at my feet, and listen.” – Pastor Mindy McLanahan.

The conference adopted a resolution for closing four local churches and another ending support for the death penalty in Texas.

Two people were ordained as elders and five were commissioned on the elder track. The average age of the ordained was 46 and of the commissioned was 50.

The greatest commitment to the Four Areas of Focus came with renewed investment in the partnership we have with the South Congo Annual Conference to assist with education, nutrition, water, and medical projects.  

Current Membership: 59,314

Current Worship Attendance: 17,807

Current Church School Attendance: 12,858

Professions/Reaffirmations of Faith 2015: 840

Adults and Young Adults in Small Groups 2015: 15,760

Worshippers Engaged in Mission 2015: 15,629

Total given directly to United Methodist causes, not through the conference treasurer, $1,064,382

  • Leia Williams for the Northwest Texas Conference.