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2015 Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference


The theme for the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference annual conference was “For Such a Time as This.”  Bishop Robert E. Hayes Jr. preached at all worship services with sermon titles of “The Sin of Silence,” “Unfaded Memories,” and “Don’t Keep God Waiting.”

One candidate for ministry was received, one elder ordained and one retiree recognized during the June 4-7 conference.

A new church start, North Oklahoma City Fellowship, was celebrated and Murray Crookes, ministerial candidate, was appointed to the church.

Elected as delegates to General Conference were the Rev. David Wilson, clergy, and Josephine Deere, laity.  Jurisdictional delegates elected were the Rev. Margaret Johnson, clergy and Pearl Thomas, laity.  Alternates elected were the Rev. Anita Phillips, clergy, and Sue Burgess, laity.

The conference unanimously voted to proclaim the Rev. David Wilson as a candidate for bishop.  Wilson, a member of the Choctaw Nation, is the conference superintendent. He is also a Biblical professor at Oklahoma City University and teaches at Perkins Course of Study.

Saturday afternoon was dedicated to round table discussions in looking to the future of the conference, what do conference members want to accomplish and what can we do to see that the conference continues for another 174 years.

A budget of $1,102,885 was approved and we celebrated one of the largest donations of kits for United Methodist Committee on Relief. Churches and organizations were given a “75 Kit Challenge” in celebrating UMCOR’s 75th birthday.  We had one church to go over and above the 75! 

  • Membership for 2014 was 6125 and 2013 was 6102 – up 23
  • Worship attendance for 2014 was 2045 and 2013 was 2066 – down 21
  • Sunday School attendance for 2014 was 1856 and 2013 was 937 – up 919
  • Professions of Faith for 2014 was 158 and 2013 was 81 – up 77
  • Adults & Young Adults in Small Groups for 2014 was 1809 and 2013 was 906 – up 903
  • Number engaged in Mission for 2014 was 240 and 2013 was 271 – down 31
  • Amount given to Mission for 2014 was $7,700 and 2013 was $7,633 – up $67

Joesphine Deere, director of Interpretation and Programs/Connectional Ministries