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2015 Northwest Texas Annual Conference


June 11-13, 2015, Lubbock, Texas

Officiating Bishop: Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe

Guest Speakers:  The Rev. J. Kabamba Kiboko and Rev. Jeremy Basset

Memorable Quotes: "If you are not a missionary, you are a mission field." - Rev. Jeremy Basset; “There is no such thing as biblical scholarship without faith.” - Rev. Dr. Kabamba Kiboko

Resolutions Adopted by the Conference: - Closing of two local churches, End Support for Anti-Israel Coalition

Election of Delegates:

Clergy delegates to General Conference: The Revs. Jimmy Nunn and Stan Cosby

Jurisdictional clergy delegates: The Revs. Richard Jones and Burt Palmer (both also alternates for General Conference. Jurisdictional alternates: The Revs. Amy Wilson Feltz and Richard Edwards.

Lay delegates for General Conference: Ron Enns and Matt Murphy.

Jurisdictional lay delegates: Leia Williams and Jeff Fisher, also General Conference alternates.

Jurisdictional alternates: Randy Stutes and Mark Pitman.

One provisional elder was commissioned and one elder was ordained. Average age was 31.5 years old.

The greatest commitment to the Four Areas of Focus came with renewed investment in the partnership we have with the South Congo Annual Conference to assist with education, nutrition, water, and medical projects.  

We increased baptisms by 7.3 percent, worship attendance by 1.6 percent, and professions of faith by 12 percent.  

Current membership: 59,121, down from 61,333 the previous year.

Current worship attendance: 18,186, up from 17,897

Current church school attendance: 9,122, down from 9,235

Professions/reaffirmations of faith 2014: 861, up from 770 in 2013.

Adults and young adults in small groups 2014: 16,299, down from 16,474

Worshippers engaged in mission 2014: 9,964, up from 5,509

Total given directly to UM causes not sent to the AC treasurer in 2014: $846,692

Total given directly to UM causes not sent to the AC treasurer in 2013: $1,676, 640

—Leia Williams