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2015 North Texas Conference


Bishop Michael McKee announced the launch of an exciting new initiative for the North Texas Conference: One + One. The bishop is asking churches across the conference to commit to developing partnerships with public schools. These partnerships will go beyond financial support, since One + One asks United Methodists to create long lasting relationships with children in order to create change in neighborhoods.

One + One was inspired by the early Methodists, who taught children to read in Sunday school. Today, the conference plans to go into schools to support the teachers, principals, parents and most importantly the children of our communities.

The goal is for 5 percent of active members to be in public schools this coming school year. This means more than 5,000 people creating meaningful relationships with children. One child, one mentor, one hour, each week.

To learn more about One + One, visit: and follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (


Worship Attendance 2014:  56,808, down from 57,896 in 2013.

Professions/reaffirmations of faith: 3,227 for 2014, up from 3,110 for 2013.

Adults and young adults in small groups, including Sunday school: 47,310 for 2014, up from 46,621 for 2013.

Worshippers engaged in mission: 49,980 for 2014, up from 44,019 for 2013.

Apportionments for 2014, $11,528,071, down from $11,275,562 for 2013.

—Sheron C. Patterson, conference communications officer