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2014 Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference


June 5-8, 2014 in Antlers, Oklahoma

Name of conference: Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference     

Dates of conference gathering: June 5-8, 2014

Location of conference gathering: Southeast Region Center, Antlers, Oklahoma

Officiating bishop: Bishop Robert E. Hayes, Jr.

Guest speakers: None

Memorable points or quotes by speakers:

Theme of the conference was “Get out of the boat …. Get into the water!” — A Scripture reference of Matthew 14:27-29. Bishop Hayes referenced three things: boat, water and wind.

  1. Boat was the church — where we are comfortable, and we like it like that.
  2. Water was the mission field — out there were the “people” are.
  3. Wind is the obstacle that keeps us from reaching our goal, anything that stands in our way. We have to fight the wind.

Main actions enacted and resolutions adopted by the conference:

  1. The 2014 budget for $1,078,843 was approved.
  2. We celebrated the anticipated start of two new congregations.  Two churches that the Oklahoma Conference had closed and given to Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference as they are located in areas with large Native American presence.
  3. Sponsored for the first time ever, a one mile fun run/walk to raise funds to assist youth and young adults to participate in a mission project this summer.
  4. First time to have sign language available for the hearing impaired

Clergy statistics:

      Ordained elders: 13                                       

Licensed local pastors: 19                              

Retired: 13                                                     

Remembered at memorial service (may also include laity): 11    

Conference statistics:

Membership stands at 6,094, down 55 from the previous year.

Worship attendance stands at 2,066, up 54.

Church school attendance stands at 937, down 105.

Professions of faith stand at 81, up 9.

Baptisms stand at 505, up 319.

— Josephine Deere, director of interpretation and programs/connectional ministries for the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference