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2013 Red Bird Missionary Conference

Red Bird Missionary Annual Conference

May 17-18, 2013

Booneville United Methodist Church in Booneville, Ky.

The Red Bird Missionary Conference held its Annual Conference gathering May 17-18, 2013, at Booneville (Ky.) United Methodist Church.Bishop Lindsey Davis officiated.The Rev. Warren and June Latham were guest speakers, focusing on their mission work at a clinic in Venezuela.Warren Latham spoke on the importance of witnessing to the entire world, so that all may say "Thank you, Jesus."

The greatest emphasis at Conference this year is that the Red Bird Missionary Conference is still alive.Jeff Frost, Conference Council on Ministry Chair, emphasized that if these hills could talk they could share so much of the ways in which the conference is alive and well, building two new buildings, possibly reopening the dorms, raising money for camping ministry and the $25 commitment campaign that is bringing individuals from across the country into partnership with us and our ministry.Each congregation shared the ways in which their churches were alive and well and the manner in which they envision growth based on their current successes.

We voted to remember our United Brethren heritage and have that reflected in the conference journal and program book by listing the date of 1954, the first year an Annual Conference was held in this area by a the United Church of the Brethren.

Resolutions adopted by the conference consisted of a proposed transfer of Lothair United Methodist Church into the Kentucky Annual Conference.The vote passed unanimously.This resolution will now await approval by vote at the Kentucky Annual Conference.

The actions taken on the proposed constitutional amendments from the 2012 General Conference were as follows: There were 19 ballots received on each amendment.Amendments 1 and 2 were unanimous, with 19 yes votes. Amendments 3 and 4 were each passed with 18 yes votes and 1 no.

The Red Bird Missionary Conference ordained one elder, the Rev. Robert Amundsen, 42.The Red Bird Missionary Conference recognized the retirement of one individual from the Conference, one individual from the Mission and one individual in conjunction with the Kentucky Annual Conference.

Membership stands at 1,462, down 5 from the previous year.Worship attendance stands at 676, down 7 from the previous year.Church school attendance stands at 327, which is up 83 from last year.

- Angela Cunigan, associate director of conference ministries