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2013 East Ohio Annual Conference

June 17-20, Lakeside Chautauqua in Marblehead, Ohio

Members in attendance: 1,587 (769 clergy, 818 laity)

Officiating bishop: Bishop John L. Hopkins

Guest speakers:
Bishop Robert Fannin (retired)
The Rev. Gary Henderson
The Rev. Judy Wismar Claycomb

Memorable points or quotes by speakers:
"When our cup overflows, other people get wet!" - the Rev. Gary Henderson
"God will do the transforming." - the Rev. Judy Wismar Claycomb

Resolutions adopted by the conference:

2013-04: A Call for Restoring Civility in the Public Square
Resolution asks that the conference call for a reclaiming of civility including media and other public forums and that the conference support boards, agencies, local churches and ministries in efforts to restore civility. Resolution submitted by East Ohio Chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action and the East Ohio Reconciling Ministries Network.
Resolution as amended carried.

2013-6: Unify United Methodist Church listings
Resolution asks that all churches in the conference list information under the title of United Methodist in media sources. Resolution submitted by Conference Council on Youth Ministry.
Resolution was adopted.

2013-07: Encourage Church Growth through Bring a Friend to Church Day
Resolution asks that churches host "Bring a Friend to Church Day" quarterly. Resolution submitted by Conference Council on Youth Ministry.
Resolution was adopted.

2013-8: Bring Encouragement to Victims of Bullying
Resolution asks that all churches be encouraged to set up support systems and counseling along with awareness programs for victims of bullying. Resolution submitted by Conference Council on Youth Ministry.
Resolution was approved as amended.

Actions taken on proposed constitutional amendments from 2012 General Conference:
The conference voted on the constitutional amendments. The ballots will forwarded by the East Ohio Conference Secretary to the Secretary of the General Conference.

  • Number of people ordained this year - 7 (6 elders, 1 deacon)
  • Average age of the ordinands is 39 years old
  • Number of people commissioned this year - 11 (9 elders, 2 deacons)
  • Average age of those commissioned is 39 years old
  • Number of people retired this year - 38
  • Membership stands at 158,250 - down 898 from the previous year.
  • Average weekly worship attendance stands at 61,296 - down 1,607 from the previous year.
  • Church school attendance stands at 19,164 - up 244 from the previous year.
  • Professions of faith stand at 2,462 - up 74 from the previous year.
  • Baptisms stand at 1,886 - up 61 from the previous year.

- Rick Wolcott, director of communications for the East Ohio Conference