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2012 South Germany Annual Conference

South German Annual Conference
June 12 -17, Baiersbronn und Heilbronn, Germany

The 10th South German annual conference came together June 12 -17 in Baiersbronn und Heilbronn, Germany with Bishop Rosemarie Wenner presiding. The conference theme was "Prayer." This theme was taken up several times during the conference, including in the opening worship service in which Pastor Gerda Eschmann preached on 1 Kings 3-9 and emphasized that prayer begins not with speaking but with hearing. A key theme at this conference was the youth work within the conference. Not only did the conference discuss the proper role and goal of confirmation class, it also extended its monetary support to the youth church in Karlsruhe until 2018. Also, the present 50-percent position for a social worker at the youth church was increased to 100-percent.

In other business a resolution of the committee for Peace, Justice and Preservation of the Creation was passed which commits the membership to participating in CO2-Compensation programs.

The conference also heard a report on pastor burnout in our conference and passed a resolution that pastors receive quarter-yearly a free Sunday which does not count as a vacation day.

The conference honored four retiring ministers this year and ordained two men und one woman as ministers. Membership (confessing members) of the conference stands at 16,436, down 173 members or 1.04 percent. The number of baptized members in the conference stands at 13,111.

* Jonathan Whitlock, conference communicator