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2012 Red Bird Missionary Conference

Red Bird Missionary Conference, May 18-19, 2012, Beverly United Methodist Church, Beverly, Kentucky

Bishop Lindsey Davis presided over the 44th annual conference session of Red Bird Missionary Conference.

The theme of the Conference was "Look for the Blessing":

  • A "Blessing Box" held notes of blessings brought forth from each church, outreach center and mission institution as the names of faithful servants were read during the memorial service. Among them were 35 members and 11 former missionaries or staff including Mrs. Mabel Ehresman; Mrs. Esther Russell; and Mrs. Roberta Schaeffer and also former Bishop Paul E. Duffy.

  • Guests from our sister Kentucky Conference, general boards and agencies; and the Appalachian Ministries Network were recognized; official greetings were received from general church representatives:Ebony Cody and Carlesia Manning;

  • The Rev. Farley Stuart III was endorsed as the first episcopal candidate to be nominated through the Red Bird Missionary Conference.

  • TheBible studywas based on Abraham's struggles as recorded in Genesis, reminding us blessings are often found in the midst of adversity. In ending the study, members brought forth notes offering thanksgiving for their own blessings.

  • General Conference reports were received from the Rev. Farley Stuart, III and Mrs. Charlotte Davis, Red Bird Missionary Conference delegates;

  • The Rev. Jorge Domingues from the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries blessed the conference as mission night speaker sharing a missional challenge to look within ourselves for solutions;

  • A mission offering totaling over $9,700 and still growing was received for area spring storm relief;

  • The conference accepted a certificate of recognition for 100 percent payment of apportionments from the General Council on Finance and Administration;

  • During the Mission Night Service the Harry DenmanAwards for Evangelism were presented to the Rev. David Gross (clergy) and Nancy Jackson (laity);

  • Certificates were presented to congregations for "five-star mission giving" and six special Sundays offering;

  • The Rev. Farley Stuart received an email during annual conference of the receipt of a $30,000 grant from the Board of Global Ministries;

  • Persons were selected to be considered for the Southeastern Jurisdiction nomination pool;

Membership stands at 1,467, down 49 over the previous year. Worship attendance stands at 683, down 2. Church school attendance stands at 244, down 30.