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2012 Missouri Annual Conference

Missouri Annual Conference
June 8-11, Springfield, Mo.

Officiating bishop: Bishop Robert Schnase

Guest speakers: Kenda Creasy Dean, author of Almost Christian; Chuck Bomar, author of The Slow Fade

Memorable points or quotes by speakers:
Theme was "Louder Than Before: Hearing a New Voice"
Friday night street party featured several bands playing on three different stages.

Quotes from Bob Farr regarding his work with the Healthy Church Initiative:

"Of the churches that have participated in the Healthy Church Initiative, 90 percent have stopped their decline."

"Churches in the Small Church Initiative have come back into the mission field."

"The result of our recent new church starts are an additional 2,250 people in worship."

Quotes from Bishop Schnase regarding General Conference:
"I hope that the paralysis of General Conference itself becomes the stimulus for change four years from now."
"Before General Conference happens again in four years, it will be like three Annual Conferences the size of Missouri Annual Conference cease to exist in the U.S., yet many didn't want to deal with it."

"We've got to focus on horizontal learning rather than vertical change in the in The United Methodist Church, partnering in learning and vitality."

"As long as I have breath, I am going to focus on making vital congregations that make new disciples of Jesus Christ."

Main actions enacted by the conference: Budget passed without discussion with a .5 percent increase

Resolutions adopted by the conference: None.

People endorsed for episcopacy: Rev. Bob Farr, director of the Center for Congregational Excellence (by the Missouri Conference Delegation).

Number of people ordained, commissioned or received into associate membership: 17 elders were ordained, 10 people were commissioned. The average age of the ordinands was 45.

Number of people retired: 31 pastors retired.

Membership stands at 164,678, down 2,643 from the previous year.

Worship attendance stands at 80,331, up 168.

Church school attendance stands at 27,761, down 999.

* Fred Koenig, editor, Missouri Conference publications