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2011 Czech Republic/Slovakia Annual Conference

Czech Republic/Slovakia Annual Conference
May 27-29, Prague

Two new initiatives of The United Methodist Church relate directly to the capital of the Czech Republic. Last year a former church building was renovated and rebuilt in order to prepare it for use as a student center. The center had a successful start and was filled to capacity within a short time. In addition to United Methodist theology students, young people from other churches with different fields of study are living there. United Methodist pastor Ivana Prochazkoa provides leadership for the spiritual life in this building. Sharing life and faith is an enriching experience for all.

At the same place is a chapel, where a new congregation will be established during the new conference year. The unique character of this work is the fact that it will be an English-speaking ministry. A United Methodist pastor from the Holston Annual Conference in the United States will, along with her husband (a professional musician and United Methodist music director), start the work of English-speaking United Methodist Church Prague.

On Conference Sunday, Jana Daneckova was ordained elder. In addition, there are four probationary members: three future elders (two women and one man) and one future deacon (a man). In the Slovak District, four probationary members - one woman and three men - aim to serve The United Methodist Church as ordained elders in the future. There are also some theological students.

The number of professing members in the Czech Republic already has been increasing for several years. In Slovakia, membership decreased last year because the registers of members were adjusted in some congregations.

On a more positive note, there is a spiritual awakening in the Roma community in Slavkovce (Eastern Slovakia).

The delegates to General Conference 2012 are Superintendent Robert Zachar (clergy) and Thomas Kostka (lay).

The next meeting of the annual conference will occur from May 11 to 13, 2012, in Eastern Slovakia.

--Office of Bishop Patrick Streiff, Zurich