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2010 State of the Church: Additional Resources

The information in this report has engaged leaders across The United Methodist Church in much-needed conversation, leading to significant change taking place across the denomination. We recommend that you monitor the resources listed below over the coming months to see what changes will be proposed to General Conference 2012.

  • Call to Action Steering Team is a new task force examining how the church needs to be structured in the future to respond to ministry needs in the 21st century. For more information, go to (key word search "Call to Action").
  • Worldwide Nature of The United Methodist Church Study Committee is taking a two-year look into the future of the denomination. Their basic question is: What will the church look like in 2016, 2024 and 2050 and beyond? Visit to see results and to engage in conversation.
  • A snapshot of the work the general boards and agencies have contributed related to the Four Areas of Focus is available online at The Four Areas of Focus are: Developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world; Creating new places for new people and revitalizing existing congregations; Engaging in ministry with the poor; and Combating the diseases of poverty by improving health globally.

About This Report

The report, compiled by the Table of General Secretaries and Agency Presidents, shows denomination-wide collaboration and new partnerships.

As we move toward the 2012 General Conference, The Connectional Table and the Council of Bishops are working in consultation with several task forces across the denomination to foster alignment toward a shared vision and direction for the future of The United Methodist Church. Groups include the Call to Action Steering Team, the Committee to Study the Worldwide Nature of The United Methodist Church, the Committee to Study the Ministry, the Committee on Faith and Order, the Sustainability Advisory Group, the Council of Bishops’ Task Force on Theological Education and Leadership Formation, the Church Systems Task Force, the Apportionment Structure Study Group, the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters, and the Table of General Secretaries and Agency Presidents.

To learn more about the information presented in this document, visit

This report was a collaborative effort with data provided by the General Council on Finance and Administration and production support from United Methodist Communications. Additional information in the report was taken from the Four Areas of Focus Report from the General Secretaries’ Table.

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