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2010 South Germany Annual Conference

June 9-13, Esslingen and Sindelfingen, Germany

The eighth South German Annual Conference came together from June 9 to 13 in Esslingen and Sindelfingen, Germany, with Bishop Rosemarie Wenner presiding. The conference theme was "Living Passionately - Growing Through Faith!"

As this title indicates, church growth was an important topic at the conference. Many discussions centered on the structure of our conference and our leadership and to what degree it hinders or helps us carry out our mission. In addition, the Saturday afternoon was devoted to this topic with Dave Martin and Dr. Wilfried Härle giving lectures on church growth in a changing world.

In one important piece of business, the bishop chose Siegfried Reissing to be the new superintendent of the Stuttgart District. At the worship service in Sindelfingen, which closed the conference, a man and a woman were ordained as ministers. The conference honored three retiring ministers this year. Membership (confessing members) of the conference stands at 16,957, down 288 members or 1.67%. The number of baptized members in the conference stands at 13,602, up 39 from last year.

--Dr. Jonathan Whitlock, conference communicator