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2009 Poland Annual Conference

Poland Annual Conference
June 19-21, 2009, Ostroda, Poland

The theme of the 88th session of the Poland Annual Conference was "Seek God and you will live."

The members of Ostroda United Methodist Church hosted the annual conference session because their church building, which can seat nearly 2,500, was built in 1909-i.e. 100 years ago-by Lutheran and Reformed Christians. After World War II, it was handed over to the Methodists-similarly to the church buildings of some other abandoned congregations in the area. Ecumenical and political guests participated in a special celebration during the annual conference meeting.

As one of the officially recognized Churches in Poland, the United Methodist Church has the possibility to produce several radio and television broadcasts annually-with a focus on worship services, important representatives of the church or particular themes like "Catholic Spirit." Although the broadcasts have been shifted to not so popular times in the morning on weekdays, they are still a great opportunity to reach out to many unknown people in Poland, and because of this work, new people repeatedly find their way to the local churches.

In the closing worship service, one pastor was ordained deacon (which, in Poland, is still the first ordination before being ordained elder. For the first time after many years, a woman applied for the ordained ministry. The 2010 annual conference will decide on this application.

A majority of 77 to 100 percent voted down Constitutional Amendment I and II and all other Constitutional Amendments were approved by a majority of 79 to 98 percent.

Membership stands at 2,163 (up 3 from the previous year).

-Urs Schweizer