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2009 Czech and Slovak Republics Annual Conference

Czech and Slovak Republics Annual Conference
May 29-31, 2009, Prague, Czech Republic.

Various lectures and workshops focused on the theme "Encouragement to Mission," which of course had an obvious relationship with the date of the conference (i.e. the weekend of Pentecost). Ministries like hospital chaplaincy, prison ministry and church planting were introduced to the conference.

In spite of serious economic challenges, several local churches in Slovakia reported a considerable increase in the offerings. Church members still want to give bills, but the value of the smallest Euro bill is 7 times higher than the smallest Slovakian Crown bill, which was used before 2009.

The small United Methodist Church in Slovakia lost three pastors during the past conference year, which was a rather painful experience. It was an answer to many prayers that a former probationary pastor, Gabriella Kopas, returned with her family from New Zealand to Slovakia and was willing to resume her service in the United Methodist Church in Slovakia again. In the Czech Republic, Jana Krizova was accepted as a probationary member.

The annual conference celebrated the service of Superintendent Josef Cervenak who will after more than 20 years leave the responsibility of the work in the Czech Republic in the hands of his successor, the Rev. Petr Prochazka, until December 31, 2009, pastor of Plzen-Maranatha United Methodist Church.

The Constitutional Amendments were approved by a majority of 68 to 100 percent.

Membership stands at 879, up seven from the previous year.

-Urs Schweizer