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2007 Yellowstone Annual Conference Report

June 7-9, 2007, Billings, Mont.

The Yellowstone Annual Conference met under the theme "Who is My Neighbor?" The theme was woven into the session by Ray Buckley, director of connectional ministry for the Alaska Missionary Conference. A member of the Lakota Sioux/Tlingit Native American tribes, Buckley enthralled conference delegates with his storytelling.

Conference delegates adopted a petition to the 2008 General Conference requesting "the UMC to act on the moral spiritual issue of global warming and resolve to speak out in unity and to act together by lowering our own carbon footprint immediately."

Delegates passed a petition to General Conference that calls for renaming the church's Crusade Scholarship Program to be more welcoming to Muslims. "As a gesture of friendship and reconciliation towards our Muslim sisters and brothers, and out of sensitivity to the pain caused them and others by the church's continued use of crusade language to justify its mission, we respectfully petition the General Conference of the UMC to immediately rename the Crusade Scholarship program the One World Scholarship program in order that United Methodists may truly embrace all people and give offense to none," the petition says.

The clergy delegate elected to General Conference is Bill Mullette-Bauer of Helena. Lay delegate is Margaret Novak of Chester.

Clergy delegates elected to the Western Jurisdictional Conference are Bill Mullette-Bauer of Helena and Su DeBree of Helena. Lay delegates are Margaret Novak of Chester and Alita Phelps of Whitefish.

Membership stands at 15,754, down 366 from the previous year. Worship attendance stands at 7,968, down 211. Church school attendance stands at 1,690, down 186.

-Valerie Lindstrom