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2007 Poland Annual Conference

June 14-17, 2007, Klarysew/Warsaw

The 86th meeting of the Annual Conference in Poland occurred in Klarysew/Warsaw. The conference theme "Immersed in Truth-Truly Free" followed a current theme within Polish society.

In the past few months, there has been much discussion about church members and representatives who collaborated with the Polish State during the Communist era and served as informers. Contemporary historians search the archives and will publish their findings. The annual conference decided to establish a "Truth and Mercy" commission whose goal is to be open for church members who want to speak about their past or make a confession in a pastoral conversation.

According to internal regulations of the annual conference in Poland, a general superintendent had to be elected for a term of six years. The Rev. Edward Puslecki, who already filled this position in past years, was re-elected on the first ballot with 26 of 51 votes. He appointed the Rev. Zbigniew Kaminski as his deputy and the Rev. Josef Bartos as new annual conference secretary. Superintendent Puslecki emphasized that the upcoming term should serve as a time for a younger generation to grow into leadership responsibilities.

New members of the church council were elected, two new applicants for the ministry were welcomed and one candidate was ordained deacon, under the conference's old ordination system.

The new Book of Discipline of the Central Conference is almost completely translated into Polish and will be presented to and discussed with the local churches later this year.

Puslecki and Zbigniew Benedyktowicz were elected as delegates to the 2008 General Conference.

The 2008 annual conference session will be June 13-15, 2008, in Kielce.

-Urs Schweizer