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2007 Hungary Annual Conference

April 11-14, 2007, Budapest

The theme of the 75th session of the annual conference in Hungary was "Seek the Peace and Prosperity of the City," which is this year's watchword of The United Methodist Church in Hungary.

Several reports prompted lively discussions on the future development of Methodist work in Hungary. There are 11 active ordained elders in Hungary, and church growth is steady, including young people applying regularly for full-time service. Two students have finished their studies and will be appointed to a local church, another two men and a woman are continuing their theological studies, and one applicant just entered the path into the ordained ministry by doing some practical training before starting theological studies. This development is a source of joy but also generates questions about financing and possibly expanding the work. There is an increasing interest in considering establishing new congregations. The next annual conference meeting most probably will deal with this issue in depth.

The annual conference makes remarkable efforts to increase the financial contributions of church members and friends. During the past six years, the total amount of donations could be doubled, and the support from abroad could be reduced to 25 percent of the overall budget.

The Web site of TheUnited Methodist Church in Hungarywas renewed last March and offers a variety of information in Hungarian and English.

Superintendent Istvan Csernak and Istvan Ambrusz were elected as delegates to the 2008 General Conference.

The next meeting of annual conference will take place April 9-12, 2008, in Szolnok.

Urs Schweizer