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What the Church Says: Racism


The official statements below are from The Book of Resolutions and The Book of Discipline. Statements and resolutions from these books are submitted to, and voted on by delegates, at General Conference, which occurs every four years. General Conference sets policy for the mission and ministry of the church and is the only body that speaks for The United Methodist Church. 

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Rights of Racial and Ethnic Groups

"We recognize racism as sin and ... assert the right of members of historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to equal opportunities..." Read More

White Privilege in the United States

European Americans enjoy a broad range of privileges denied to persons of color in our society, privileges that often permit them to dominate others who do not enjoy such privileges. Read More

Global Racism and Xenophobia

The General Conference of The United Methodist Church affirms the United Nations principles relating to global racism and xenophobia. Read More

Affirmative Action

The United Methodist Church supports affirmative action as part of our biblical mandate to redress discrimination and create a society where all may flourish. Read More

Responsibilities for Eradication of Racism

Every annual conference within the U.S. should have a strategy and program that educates and supports systemic and personal changes to end racism. Read More

A Charter for Racial Justice Policies in an Interdependent Global Community

"With respect to race, the aim of The United Methodist Church is nothing less than an inclusive church in an inclusive society." Read More