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What does The United Methodist Church say about same sex marriage?

United Methodists are not of one mind regarding homosexuality and gay marriage.  We understand that faithful people can have differing views on this.  Some members, based on their understanding of scripture, feel strongly that the church should uphold its current laws regarding same gender marriage.  Others feel just as strongly that the church should be fully inclusive, based on their understanding of scripture, including marriage equality.  These different viewpoints are mirrored across most of the Christian world to varying degrees.

The United Methodist Church currently prohibits pastors from performing gay marriage ceremonies and churches from hosting such ceremonies.

Any change to allow United Methodist pastors to perform same sex marriage ceremonies would have to be approved by the denomination's top legislative body - the General Conference, which next meets in May 2016.  There will likely be many petitions presented to General Conference for consideration - many that want to remain steadfast with the current position and many that want to change the church's stance.  However, no changes will take effect unless approved by General Conference, as it is the only body that can approve changes to official statements.

While the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same sex marriage, they noted that First Amendment protections ensure that persons are not required to violate their religious principles.

Couples who want to be married in a United Methodist church can discuss it with the pastor.