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United Methodist Now - October 9, 2017


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"You did it for me": Serving others in tragedy
After tragedies like the recent shootings in Las Vegas, a story Jesus tells about serving others is a useful guide for United Methodists to reach out in love. Read more.

How to hear a sermon
Want to make the most of your time in the pew each week? Become a more active listener and you’ll remember the message longer. Learn more.

Beacon on Capitol Hill
Right next door to the U.S. Supreme Court is the United Methodist Building. Learn more about the history and ongoing witness of the church's unique space in the heart of Washington. Watch video.

New quiz: How well do you know our bishops?
You might know the leader of your local area, but how much do you know about United Methodist bishops in general? We have a few questions to test your knowledge. Take quiz.