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United Methodist Now - October 8, 2018


Thank you for subscribing to UM Now and for inviting others to do the same. In this edition, we reflect deeply on Communion’s meaning and some of our traditions as United Methodists.








How United Methodists understand Communion
The sacrament of Holy Communion is such a common occurrence in the landscape of our worship that its uncommon richness sometimes gets lost. For more information, read our frequently asked questions about Communion. Read more.

Curiosity corner: Communion cups
Have you seen an unusual communion cup set at your church? These antiques show us that many Victorian-era Methodists used slanted glassware. Learn why.

Why our table is always open
One of the most important values United Methodists share is the concept that all believers are welcome at “a banquet where everyone is a VIP.” Watch video. More reflections on our faith.

Methodists and grape juice
What became a popular grocery item started as a response to concerns about alcohol abuse. Dr. Thomas Welch’s recipe changed life in the church. Get the story.