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United Methodist Now - March 5, 2018


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Justifying grace: A Wesleyan tenet
The founder of Methodism taught that a person's entire spiritual life is an act of God’s grace. In the first of a series, we explore the concept of justifying grace. Learn more.

Secrets of John Wesley’s death mask
It was common in the 18th century to preserve a departed loved one’s image with a plaster mask. One of the rare copies of Wesley’s death mask provides clues as to how Methodism’s founder died. Watch video.

Lessons etched in stone
John Wesley died on March 2, 1791. Visitors to his tomb can see words meant to teach us what it means to live fully as disciples of Jesus Christ and to give all the glory to God. Be inspired.

Methodist women who made history
March is Women’s History Month. Activists today may be inspired to hear the stories of six historic figures who advocated for women’s voting rights as part of their Christian calling. Read more. See more women in leadership.