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United Methodist Now - March 4, 2019


Lent begins on March 6. Find ways to make the season more meaningful here. Thank you for subscribing to UM Now and inviting others to do the same. 

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General Conference is over, what happens now? 
Now that the 2019 Special Session has ended, what is next for the people of The United Methodist Church? We have some ideas on taking time to pause and reflect on how the movement continues.
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Women participate in UMW Assembly in 2010. Courtesy: UMW

Methodist Women Making History

March is Women’s History Month, and The United Methodist Church is blessed with many individuals who have been role models in the faith. See how many names you recognize on this timeline.
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Man wears cross of ashes. Courtesy UMCom.

 Why ashes?

A dark cross on foreheads is a common sight on Ash Wednesday,      but how much do you know about this ancient symbol and its  underlying message? Discover more.    

             Bishop Stanovsky places ashes on man's head. Courtesy UMCom.

10 ways to make Ash Wednesday extraordinary  

The first day of Lent, March 6, is not a day off work or school, but it still should be a thoughtful day, to remember the holy in the midst of our routines. Find ideas.

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