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United Methodist Now - June 18, 2018


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Great ways to roll out the welcome mat
Will you be getting a new pastor soon? United Methodists share some creative and practical ideas -- like "pounding" -- for a very warm welcome. Get tips. More tips for welcoming.

Why do our pastors change churches?
Have you wondered why pastors are sometimes called to move to another congregation? Learn more about how the United Methodist Church's unique system has its roots in the earliest days of Methodism. #AskTheUMC. What is itineracy?

A quiz for Wesley's birthday
The man credited with creating the Methodist movement was born in June. How much do you know about his life? Try the quiz. Try more quizzes!
John Wesley's guide to aging

Thanks to his many journals, we can find insights about Methodism's founder and how he viewed his life, health and ministry. Learn more. Read Wesley's epitaph.