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United Methodist Now - July 23, 2018


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5 ways to remember your baptism
Water is a powerful symbol that is in our lives every day. Find ways the rain, swimming, and even washing can remind us of God's grace all around us. Get tips.

Ways to feel more United Methodist
This year, The United Methodist Church is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a denomination (#UMC50)! From serious to silly, here are 18 ideas to help you join the party. Get started.

New quiz: Baptism
We know baptism gives us new birth through water and the Spirit, but there's much more to know about the sacrament. Our quick quiz can test your knowledge.
Take baptism quiz. Take communion quiz. 

How to keep the faith in today's world
When we hear of conflict and sadness in God's world, we can struggle to find the positive. Yet Christians know we have hope. Here are suggestions to avoid being caught in a spiral of negativity. Get tips.