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United Methodist Now - February 19, 2018



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New quiz for Lent 2018
Another season of preparation for Easter has begun. One way to learn more about the themes and practices of Lent is to try our short quiz about this time of year. Test your knowledge.

What Olympic sport fits John Wesley best?
Inspired by the 2018 Winter Olympics, we asked United Methodist Facebook fans where Methodism's founder might excel. The lighthearted replies were medal worthy! Judge for yourself.

Presidents and Methodists
Americans are marking Presidents Day today. Discover the many ties between Methodism and White House leaders from Washington to Lincoln to FDR to Obama. Read more.

Denzel Washington helps black college make history
The Hollywood star directed “The Great Debaters” about a 1935 team from United Methodist related Wiley College. He’s since given $2 million to keep the program strong. Read the latest. Watch a video about the film.