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United Methodist Now - Denounce Racism, Embrace Love








As people of faith struggle to make sense of recent racial violence in Charlottesville, we offer this special edition of UM Now with stories and resources to encourage you to denounce racism and embrace love. Find a statement to all church members and more at

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Ways to take a stand
As the conversation about race in the U.S. heats up, there are calls to get involved. By changing beliefs and behavior we can work to change the world. Take action.

Advice from kids: Embrace Love
Young children have a natural sense of right and wrong, fair and unfair. They offer some recommendations on how to react to circumstances that shake our belief systems. Watch video.

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Talking to young people about racism
While racism is not an easy topic to address with children, it’s necessary to address the issue since they will learn about it either through others or through hard experience. Get tips.