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United Methodist Now - August 7, 2017








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Two (big) steps to forgiveness
Letting go of resentment can be one of the hardest things in life. A United Methodist counselor offers tips to help us move away from holding a grudge and into forgiveness. Get advice.

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What to watch for at weddings
Maybe you’ve attended several ceremonies lately but how much do you know about how United Methodists understand Christian marriage and the deeper meaning behind the vows? Read more.

Helping kids find a church at college
In this podcast, a leader in campus ministry has practical tips to help young people find a spiritual base while at school. Read the transcript or listen to the podcast.

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Blessings flow at River Church
Sundays in the summer can mean more time outdoors and less time inside a church. A United Methodist community offers worship at the waterside and lets visitors experience holy water in a new way. View video.