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United Methodist Now - August 21, 2017








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Faith, trust and the total solar eclipse
Today the sun will go dark in many places. The rare event reminds us that even when we cannot see the way before us, we know God makes a path. Read a reflection.

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A prayer for the classroom
As a new semester begins in many places, we can try to make that transition easier by praying to God and giving thanks for the people in our schools. Watch the video or read the prayer. Watch video.

Can your work bring you closer to God?
John Wesley had a legendary work ethic and believed his work was part of God’s greater plan of redemption. Do you see your job as a way you serve Christ too? Read more.

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Finding faith in the shadow of North Korea
United Methodist Bishop Hee Soo Jung grew up on a small island in South Korea with a view of the heavily armed border. He shares his own moving story of converting to Christianity and working for peace. View video.