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United Methodist Now - April 9, 2018


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How long is the Easter season?
The joyful celebration of Christ's Resurrection is not limited to one Sunday. We have a reminder about how congregations observe this special time in the church's calendar. Learn more.

New quiz: UMC by the numbers
You may know a good bit about your local church, but how much do you know about United Methodist presence around the world? You don't have to be a math whiz to do well on our quick quiz. Take quiz + Try more quizzes.

Methodism's Paul Revere
Patriot Paul Revere is famous for his midnight ride on April 18, 1775. Listen my children and you shall hear about a circuit rider who began his ministry that same year and later rode 1,200 miles to gather preachers to form the church. Watch video.

God's grace fills our daily lives
John Wesley taught that God's grace shapes us throughout our lives. As part of a series, we look at how sanctifying grace transforms us to live and love more like Jesus. Read more.