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United Methodist Now - April 18, 2017








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Pastor on going green: Smaller footprint, more room for Jesus
Earth Day is observed on April 22. We talk with the Rev. Rebecca Rutter who believes living simply not only benefits our planet, it can deepen our spiritual lives. She challenged herself to build a 98-square-foot tiny house, which gave her big ideas about stewardship. Read more.

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Church builds lights for literacy
“All I had to do was flip a switch, and I changed a person’s life with science.” Los Gatos (California) United Methodist Church started a project that teaches youth science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) along with life lessons. View video.

Test your knowledge about our church history
We have an anniversary coming up. The United Methodist Church was formed on April 23, 1968. How much do you know about the church’s story? We have a fun way to learn more about The UMC with our history quiz. Test your knowledge.