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Spiritual Gifts: Articles and Stories


Explore how others live out their spiritual gifts. Consider whether there are greater or lesser gifts and discover synergy between spiritual gifts. Are different gifts embraced or rejected?

Spiritual Gifts — Primacy, Not Priority

All gifts are important, and each may be the most important gift in any given situation. All gifts are necessary and have the power to transform lives and glorify God. Read More

What Gifts?

Instead of identifying spiritual gifts as a way to put people on committees, we should form committees that enable people to discover, develop, and live from their gifts. Read More

Living Our Spiritual Gifts: The Challenge of Carl

How do we learn to value the varieties of gifts, spiritual types, leadership interaction styles, and passions? Learn how Carl's unique gifts challenged his faith community. Read More

Barbara’s Story

Since I was a little girl, I have been able to understand concepts without having studied them. Spiritual gifts discovery gave me a name for my experience — wisdom. Read More