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Sharing in Faith: A Forum on Sexuality and the Church

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Forum contributors will be identified by name, state, and country. Names may be withheld in unusual circumstances.

Essays may be any length, but 500 to 800 words is recommended. Video or audio clips of four minutes or less may be shared instead of written essays.

Submissions will be edited and reserves the right to decline articles that do not fit within the purpose or spirit of this feature.

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Welcome to “Sharing in Faith,” where United Methodists can share perspectives on human sexuality and better understand one another’s journeys on this issue. 

The perspectives are offered in the first person, not with the intent of persuading or dissuading but of helping people understand one another as persons of faith dealing with a challenging issue.

We invite people to share their personal experiences and understandings on the topic using one of the following starters:

  • “I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me …”
  • “This is how Scripture speaks to me …”
  • “I have questions …”
  • “This issue concerns me because …”
  • “This is my story …”

This feature aims to reflect the faithful and genuine spirit that each person brings to this topic, regardless of view.



Sharing in Faith: A View From Both Sides

“To some degree, I’ve always believed in God, but until last year I was fully convinced He wasn’t interested in speaking to people like me.” Read More

Mark Wiman. Photo courtesy of Mark Wiman.

Sharing in Faith: Compassion, not judgment

"My sister began the call by swearing me to secrecy — to which I hesitantly agreed — and then she 'came out' to me." Read More

Sharing in Faith: Resolutions or Reconciliation?

"Human sexuality is a 'family discussion' that needs to be held without judgment." Read More

Sharing in Faith: Focus on our ‘wildly important goal’

“I serve a church where most of the folks freely embrace the teaching of the church on these issues, and some equally faithful members do not.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: A single sentence divides us

"There is no other way to get to where we should be as a church but through the controversy, through the disagreements and arguments." Read More

Sharing in Faith: Revelation in a hospital waiting room

“Keith had lived with what was then considered a death sentence, and he hadn’t been able to share that with his own family.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: It’s not too late to live for Jesus

"God pledges to protect us when we walk in his paths. I want and need God's protection." Read More

The Rev. Steve Poteete-Marshall. Photo courtesy of Steve Poteet-Marshall.

Sharing in Faith: Offering a place in our hearts

“We sin against God when we choose to believe that someone is ‘less than,’ unworthy of being treated as a sacred child of God.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: I had to trust God’s word

“A war was raging in my heart, and my soul was dying. I was living a life that asked God to conform to my sense of morality.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: Serving divided church is increasingly difficult

“We are treated to a smorgasbord of eternal truth, but some, like spoiled children, refuse to eat their veggies.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: I left The United Methodist Church … then met Brian and Joe

“My eyes were pried wide open. The church has been blind to a host of sexual issues.” Read More

Sharing in faith: Do we live by grace or by the law?

“What concerns me really isn’t so much what is one’s individual theological position, or what is or isn’t sin or correct biblical interpretation.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: Be not anxious

“I talk to many of our clergy and laity who are quite concerned about where our church is going and what the future holds for us.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: Did the conflict begin with ‘the language’?

“My emotions consisted of concern for the viability of The United Methodist Church as a Christian denomination in a rapidly changing world.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: Authority, unity and grace

“How we deal with controversies and differences of opinion says a lot about our view of the church, and our unity and covenant fellowship. “ Read More

Sharing in Faith: Listening across the divide

“I realized a long time ago that my feelings and opinions about sexuality issues don't have that much to do with sexual minorities at all.” Read More

Sharing in Faith: United or untied?

“I dug a little deeper to see what the Bible says about homosexuality, and I was surprised by what I found.” Read More

Sharing in faith: Jesus is love

“Never in a million years could I have foreseen the anguish that I would experience as a pastor because of the church’s struggles with human sexuality.” Read More

Sharing in faith: My friend Alex

"As Alex shared his struggles, we followed our natural impulse: we opened our Bibles." Read More

Sharing in faith: My life with Joe

“He believed that his love for me, and mine for him, would make him straight, and together we could have the life he dreamed of.” Read More

Sharing in faith: Sexuality and The United Methodist Church

“This issue concerns me because I think it matters how we come to the table to talk about sexuality.” Read More

Sharing in faith: Why I support the church’s traditional stance on human sexuality

“Allow me to share some of my experience as a pastor and teacher in the church with regard to contested issues around sexuality.” Read More

Sharing in faith: Reflections on the struggle to become an inclusive church

“I have long been convinced that rational thought is important in overcoming the ‘we’ and ‘they’ syndrome.” Read More