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Ministry with Those Who Serve: Videos

UMTV: Church Salutes Veterans

Vets and families honored with notes, photos, and more on Veterans Day. "This event means everything ... you can't thank them enough." View

Wolfgang is a service dog for a veteran with PTSD.

For some vets, service dogs are the ‘best medicine’

Veterans dealing with PTSD say training a canine companion "provides a one-time fee for a dog, instead of a lifetime of medication." View

UMTV: Battle Buddies Mentor Veterans

Fellow vets support returning troops battling everything from PTSD to homelessness. View

UMTV: Church’s Commitment to Troops

In 2007, a military mom started a support group with her United Methodist church. Volunteers now send care packages to 900 active duty soldiers. View

Image of veterans receiving care packages. Courtesy of SAFE.

UMTV: Vets Helping Vets

Campus ministry near Army base supports soldiers and encourages veterans to reach out to other vets. "I have things to offer still." View

A figurine from Bolivia  depicts the Last Supper of Jesus and his Disciples. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Lent Quiz: Test your knowledge of the season

Get a new question daily as we explore traditions and symbols of the season. And share the quiz with others! Read More

Advent Quiz llustration by Cindy Caldwell

Advent Quiz: Test your knowledge of the season

Get a new question daily as we explore traditions and symbols of the season. And share the quiz with others! More

Video image shows children at United Methodist Lazy F Camp.

UMTV: Seminarian Supports Military Kids

"Kids serve too. Small programs can make a huge difference." Learn how United Methodist Lazy F Camp focuses on the children of the deployed. View

Lots has been happening related to church unity and the struggle over church teaching on homosexuality.

Same-gender debate rekindles schism talk

Talk of splitting the church isn’t new, but recent developments have been intensifying the debate. Read More

UMTV: Clothes Comfort Veterans

Some volunteers are trying to make the lives of wounded warriors a little easier, by "sewing" they care. View

UMTV: Veteran Dedicated to Vets

United Methodist Lou Riedlinger is a WWII and Korean vet who created a ministry to recognize and serve those in the military. View

Chaplain Comforts Wounded Warriors: Chaplain Laura Bender

Laura Bender cheers from the sidelines at Warrior Games. She knows troops deal with physical and emotional wounds. "War changes everyone." View

UMTV: Church Meal for Military

"To know someone's wrapped their arms around their family is just a tremendous thing." Sponsor families, cards and care show congregation's support. View

UMTV: Airport Angels Greet Military

United Methodist volunteers at the busy Atlanta airport make sure service people on leave receive a warm welcome. View

UMTV: Dogs Rescue Veterans

Jacob Hyde is a vet with a hidden wound: PTSD. Puppies Behind Bars gave him a new "battle buddy" to help him cope in civilian life. View

UMTV: 9/11 Highest Honors

United Methodist chaplain Terry Bradfield worked with the mortuary teams at the Pentagon on 9/11. Here are his reflections following the terrorist attacks. View

Memorial Honors Military

6,400 ribbons pay homage to service people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. "People have grown cold to the fact men and women are still dying." View

UMTV: Vietnam Vet’s Military Ministry

United Methodist Bill Shugarts is a U.S. vet whose work at D.C.'s Vietnam memorial inspired him to support today's troops too. View

UMTV: Food Bank for Vets

While special ceremonies may honor U.S. veterans, one church is reaching out with something much more practical than parades. View