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How do I edit my church’s Find-A-Church profile?


Here are simple instructions for updating a Find-A-Church profile:

  1. On your church profile page, click on "Update Your Page Now" in the red bar at the bottom to start the update process.

  2. Enter your contact information and click Submit to access the update form.

  3. On each page, review the information for your church and make any changes and additions.

  4. Click on each of the sections in the left sidebar to make changes or additions to those areas.
       Church Details: Update email address, website, location and mailing addresses
       Welcome:  Adjust the map, attendance, and add personalized messages
       Events & Ministries:  Add worship times and any other ministries your church offers
       Social Media: Add your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts
       Clergy: Update clergy information

  5. Click Submit at the bottom of each page where you make changes before moving to another section.  The changes will appear live on your profile within the next day or two.  You’ll receive an email when the changes are published.

If you need additional assistance, contact InfoServ.