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Glossary: W

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The thin, circular disk of unleavened bread used in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. In some local United Methodist churches the wafer is used in place of ordinary bread... Read More

Walk to Emmaus

A program of the Upper Room division of the General Board Discipleship which calls forth and renews Christian discipleship. The Walk to Emmaus is a three-day experience, a highly structured... Read More

Watch Night Service

The renewal of the individual's covenant with God through a service that was established and emphasized by John Wesley. He believed that Methodists, and all Christians should reaffirm their covenant... Read More

Wesley, Charles

The younger brother of John Wesley and a formative leader in the Methodist movement. More

A stained glass window depicts Methodism’s founding father, John Wesley. Photo by Ronny Perry, United Methodist Communications.

Wesley, John

The founder of the Methodist movement was born at Epworth, England, the son of a Church of England clergyman. More


The term that applies those things related to John Wesley and the movement he began. The word Wesleyan is in many ways synonymous with the word Methodist. Source: A Dictionary... Read More

Wesleyan Quadrilateral, the

The phrase which has relatively recently come into use to describe the principal factors that John Wesley believed illuminate the core of the Christian faith for the believer. Wesley did... Read More

Wespath (Pension and Health Benefits)

The agency that supervises and administers the pension and benefits programs, plans, and funds of The United Methodist Church. It administers and disburses the retirement and benefit funds of the... Read More


The traditional term used by most Christian churches for the element used in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. The wine in the sacrament symbolizes the blood of Christ, which... Read More

World Communion Sunday

One of the special Sundays authorized by the General Conference to be observed with the taking of an offering throughout the denomination. World Communion Sunday is observed the first Sunday... Read More

World Council of Churches

A worldwide association of Christian churches. The United Methodist Church is a member. Its predecessor bodies, The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church, were charter members. Through the... Read More

World Methodist Council

An organization comprising churches throughout the world that share a Wesleyan or Methodist heritage. The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church were charter members of the World Methodist... Read More

World Service Fund

The primary source of support for ministry through the general agencies. The World Service apportionment allows United Methodists to participate in God's global mission. Basic to the financial program of... Read More