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Glossary: U

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United Methodist Church, The

This denomination was formed in 1968 by the union of The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church. It serves members in more than seventy Annual Conferences in five Jurisdictional... More

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is the not-for-profit humanitarian agency of The United Methodist Church. Since 1940 UMCOR's mission — providing relief in disaster areas, aiding refugees and confronting the... Read More

United Methodist Communications

(Official name: General Commission on Communication) The agency that provides leadership for the denomination in the fields of communication, public relations, and promotion of the funds and programs of the... Read More

United Methodist Men, General Commission on

The agency whose purposes are to involve men in a growing relationship to Jesus Christ and his church and to provide resources and support for programs of evangelism, stewardship and... Read More

United Methodist Publishing House, The

(Official name: General Board of Publication) The agency that has responsibility for and the supervision of the publishing interests of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Publishing House publishes... Read More

United Methodist Student Day

One of the special Sundays authorized by the General Conference to be observed with an offering on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The purpose of United Methodist Student Day is to... Read More

United Methodist Women

The official organization for women in The United Methodist Church at the local church, Annual Conference, and denominational levels. Among the purposes of the United Methodist Women are the following: (1)... Read More

United Methodist Youth

The programs and ministries for youth (generally persons in the seventh through twelfth grades, of about twelve to eighteen years of age). The organization designed specifically for youth in the... Read More

United Methodist Youth Organization (UMYO)

The youth organization of The United Methodist Church. UMYO has four primary purposes: (1) to advocate for youth in The United Methodist Church; (2) to empower youth as full participants in the... Read More

University Senate

The professional educational advisory agency for The United Methodist Church and all educational institutions related to it. The University Senate represents those interests held in common by The United Methodist... Read More

Upper Room, The

The daily devotional guide published for more than fifty years by the Upper Room division of the General Board of Discipleship. In addition to its wide distribution throughout the United... Read More