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Glossary: O

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The gifts and tithes brought by worshipers to the service. "Offering" is also used to describe the process of collecting or gathering the gifts, as in "taking up the offering."... Read More


The choir anthem or other musical selection played or sung while the tithes and offerings are being received from the members of the worshiping congregation. Source: A Dictionary for United... Read More

Old Testament

The thirty-nine books of the pre-Christian era considered authoritative and canonical by most Protestant churches. Article V of the United Methodist Articles of Religion specifically lists these thirty-nine books. This... More

One Great Hour of Sharing

A special Sunday authorized by the General Conference to be observed with an offering taken throughout the denomination on the fourth Sunday of Lent. One Great Hour of Sharing calls... Read More

ordained minister

A person, in the traditional language of United Methodism, "within the ministry of the baptized who is called of God and set aside by the Church for the specialized ministry... Read More


The act of conferring ministerial orders, presided over by a bishop. The authorization of the church for the practice of Service, Word, Sacrament and Order (in the case of an... Read More

Otterbein, Philip William

Founder of The Church of the United Brethren of Christ, one of the predecessor branches of The United Methodist Church. Otterbein (1726-1813), a native of Germany, was ordained in the... Read More