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Glossary: N

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That portion of a church building between the outside door or other portion of the building and the entrance door to the sanctuary. Source: A Dictionary for United Methodists, Alan... Read More

National Council of the Churches of Christ (NCCC)

The chief ecumenical organization of the Anglican, Old Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant denominations, which provides services and speaks to important issues. The United Methodist Church is a member of the... Read More

Native American Ministries Sunday

One of the special Sundays authorized by the General Conference to be observed annually throughout the denomination with an offering. Native American Ministries Sunday is to focus the attention of... Read More

New Testament

Includes the twenty-seven books accepted by Christians as authoritative or canonical concerning the life of Christ and the experience of the early Christian church. Article V of the United Methodist... More

New World Outlook

A magazine published by the General Board of Global Ministries focusing on issues, concerns, and news of the work of Christian missions throughout the world. Its primary emphasis is upon... Read More

Nicene Creed

Frequently used as an affirmation of faith in United Methodist worship services. The Nicene Creed is the historic statement of belief of the Christian faith devised by the Council of... More