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Glossary: M

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membership roll

The permanent record of the membership of a local United Methodist church. The membership roll includes the names and addresses of all baptized persons who have come into membership by... Read More

membership vows

Taken when a person joins a United Methodist church. By taking the membership vows, the individual agrees to covenant with God and the members of the local church to keep... More

membership, Annual Conference

Includes all clergy members of the Annual Conference and an equal number of lay persons. Lay and ministerial members are determined by different procedures at outlined in The Book of... Read More

membership, local church

Includes those persons who have been baptized and who have been received into membership in a local church through confession of faith or by transfer of membership and who have... Read More

Methodist Church, The

Formed in 1939 through the union of The Methodist Episcopal Church, The Methodist Epsicopal Church, South and The Methodist Protestant Church. This union brought together three important streams of American Methodism,... Read More

Methodist Episcopal Church, South, The

Formed as a result of the separation from The Methodist Episcopal Church. Reflecting the debate in that nation over slavery, pastors and members of The Methodist Episcopal Church found themselves... Read More

Methodist Episcopal Church, The

Organized in 1784 at the Christmas Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Following the independence of the United States, John Wesley believed that American Methodists should establish their own church. To facilitate this,... Read More

Methodist Protestant Church, The

Formed in 1830 as the result of a difference on several issues by a sizable group in The Methodist Episcopal Church. The key issues at dispute were the role of bishops,... Read More

Methodist, Methodism

Two words, along with Wesleyan, used to describe the movement resulting from the work of John Wesley and his brother Charles. The movement had its very earliest expression in the... Read More

minimum compensation

The smallest amount any minister who is not retired and who is available for full-time appointment to a pastoral charge is entitled to receive from his or her Annual Conference.... Read More


The term which, in its broadest usage in United Methodism, applies to all persons who accept Christ as Savior who are baptized, and who participate in Christ's ministry of grace... Read More

Ministerial Education Fund

Established by the General Conference to support recruitment and education of ordained and diaconal ministers for United Methodism. The Ministerial Education Fund is one of the general funds of the... Read More

ministerial member, Annual Conference

A person who has been elected to this status by the ministerial members of the Annual Conference. Each person elected has met the requirements to qualify and has been recommended... Read More

ministerial support

The financial underwriting provided for the ministers of the denomination. Ministerial support includes salary, provision for housing, pension and disability benefits, life and health insurance. Each local church is responsible... Read More

Ministries, General Council on

The agency that coordinates and facilitates the programs of the denomination. It supports and encourages the general agencies in their respective tasks. The general agencies are accountable to the Council... Read More


A lay or clergy person selected and commissioned to serve in the work of The United Methodist Church or related denominations in other lands or in designated projects in the... Read More

missionary conference

A conference that has particular missionary opportunities, limited membership and resources, unique leadership requirements, strategic regional or language considerations, and ministerial needs. The United States includes three missionary conferences: Alaska... Read More