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Glossary: L

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From laos, meaning "people of God," and used to describe members of a congregation or parish. Source: Sharing God's Gifts Glossary of United Methodist Terms Read More

Laity Sunday

A special Sunday established by the General Conference to be observed on the third Sunday in October. Laity Sunday focuses on the celebration of the ministry of all lay Christians.... Read More


Those locations of historical importance to The United Methodist Church on which structures or monuments are in ruins or no longer remain. Had structures remained, these landmarks would qualify as... Read More

Last Supper, the

The gathering of Jesus and the twelve disciples in the Upper Room on the Thursday of Jesus' final week in Jerusalem. It was in the course of this evening that... Read More

lay leader

The local church official, elected by the charge conference, who serves as the primary lay representative of the local church. The lay leader has specific responsibilities detailed in The Book... Read More

lay leadership, committee on

Recommends to the charge conference officers and members of the church council and other committees as requires. The committee on lay leadership also serves throughout the year to guide the... Read More

lay member, Annual Conference

The voting lay delegate to the annual conference. Each annual conference is required to consist of an equal number of lay members and ministerial members. The vast majority of lay... Read More

lay speaker

A lay speaker is a professing member of a local church who is ready and desirous to serve the Church, and who is well informed on and committed to the... Read More

laying on of hands

The placing of hands on the head of an individual in various services to denote the conferring of the Holy Spirit. The laying on of hands is most common in... Read More


A baptized, confirmed member of a local church. Source: Sharing God's Gifts Glossary of United Methodist Terms Read More


A stand upon which the Bible is placed for reading in a service of worship. The word lectern derives from the Latin word legere which means "to read." Source: A... Read More


A sequence or list of lections (passages of scripture) to be read in church services during the year. The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) is a three-year cycle of suggested scripture... Read More


A forty-day period of focus on penitence and preparation for the Resurrection Event of Easter. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and ends at sunset Easter Eve. The liturgical color for... More

license for pastoral ministry

License given by an Annual Conference to probationary members seeking ordination as an elder and local pastors appointed to perform the duties of a pastor in a local church. Source:... Read More


A liturgical prayer consisting of a series of invocations and prayer requests. The litany usually consists of sections read alternately by the worship leader and the congregation. Source: A Dictionary... More

local church

A congregation of persons who have joined together as Christians and as United Methodists to carry forward the message of Christ and to witness to and serve the world. It... More

local pastor

A licensed pastor, annually approved by the district committee on ordained ministry, who is authorized to perform all duties of an ordained minister, including the sacraments, while assigned to a... Read More

location of clergy

The process by which the authority of a clergy person to exercise the rights and privileges of a minister throughout the denomination is withdrawn. A located minister retains the right... Read More

location of clergy, honorable

The process by which a minister may request to be relieved of the requirements to "travel" or to be a part of an intinerant ministry. Honorable location is granted to... Read More

Lord's Prayer, the

The name generally given to the prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13 and, in shorter form, in Luke 11:2-4. More

Lord's Supper, Sacrament of the

The traditional name in United Methodism for the Sacrament instituted by Jesus. Over the years the term Holy Communion has also become widely accepted as the name for the sacrament.... Read More

Lord's table, the

Another term in United Methodism for the communion table. The term is also used in the following way. In the invitation given by the minister as a part of the... Read More