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Glossary: I

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The term in United Methodism that means that every level of the denomination is to be open to all people in all settings on a fully equal basis. There is... Read More


Prayers or petitions on behalf of a person, a group of persons, or general needs of the world. Prayers of intercession are an integral part of personal and congregational worship. ... Read More

Interdenominational Cooperation Fund

One of the general funds of The United Methodist Church authorized by the General Conference. The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund provides basic support for ecumenical agencies through which The United Methodist... Read More

Interpreter, The

The official program magazine of The United Methodist Church, published by United Methodist Communications. Read More


A method of partaking of the elements in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. In this procedure, the participant takes the bread and dips it into the wine in a... More


In United Methodist usage, a prayer asking for a special sense of God's presence and guidance. The invocation is offered at an early point in a service of worship or... Read More

itineracy, itinerancy

The system in The United Methodist Church by which pastors are appointed to their charges by the bishops. The pastors are under obligation to serve where appointed. The present form... Read More